Marketing a Creative Agency – Part 1, The Key Messages

One of the most difficult things I have found throughout my time working in any business is providing your own services to yourself. What do I mean by that? Well, we are a creative marketing and design agency who specialise in helping companies to ‘sell themselves’ effectively through their branding, printed materials and website. So when it came to rebranding ourselves and developing our own new website, it should be easy right? Well….

We have been saying it for a while, but our new site is on its way, and we are very pleased with how it’s going, but it has taken a lot longer than we thought and as the team point out, many iterations, as we are our own worst critics. It has however provided a good reminder as to what our clients experience and the decisions they have to take, so we plan to write a series of posts in relatively simple terms about our own site development to help explain some of these.

The process started with a question that I ask a lot of clients, What do you do? What is the problem to which you are the solution? This often sparks very different responses and most of the time some which are quite specific to someone who knows their own industry. We have  It is important to keep in mind that your customers may not know you in the same way as you know yourselves, particularly not in what they type in Google.

As an example of this, we were and still are, a ‘communications agency’. This makes complete sense to us as we help people to communicate their messages through design, leaflets, websites etc etc. What does this mean to the ordinary person who is looking for us though? Would you type this in to Google to find a design agency?

So this led us back to consider and review our own business, back to the question, What do we do? What is the problem to which we are the solution? Coupled with our lagom approach we took a very simple view and settled on the fact that we are a ‘creative marketing agency’ which ‘designs websites, brands and printed materials’.

So we were ready for the first go. Could we now, with quite a basic and relatively temporary website get to the first page google. It is really important to note here what words and phrases we are checking for. Our course we should show up as ‘made agency’ and we are never going to get to the top without a geographic element to it such as Norwich, Norfolk or Cambridge. Based on what we said we do though, we would like to be found for creative agency norwich, design agency norwich, marketing agency norwich and other combinations such as web design agency norwich or brand agency norwich.

There are many blog posts like this on the web which tell you how to do Search Engine Optimisation and many people who are very good at helping companies to make their way up the rankings.  Before you start any SEO campaign or spend any money on digital marketing though it is important to remember that you need to know how your customers see you and what they are looking for in order to find you. Without this there is little to actually optimise for and you could spend time and money on the wrong thing.

We plan to add more of these posts in the coming weeks outlining some of the basic processes of building a great website to market you business, so keep watching……

We are an independent creative marketing and design agency based in Norwich and Cambridge with an international client base. We have experience in delivering a wide range of marketing materials for clients and understand the importance of clear, effective communication.

We offer creative marketing, design and development services for brand, print, websites and intranet systems, so whether you would like to give your organisation a new look or you simply need to reimagine your brand, our team of designers and developers are here to make this process seamless.


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