Agile Digital Marketing

Open, Flexible, Integrated

We have an Agile approach to Digital Marketing which enables us to work closely with our clients to remove the risk and uncertainly from their marketing activities. We see it as the common sense way to take the complexity and mystery out of things to build sustainable, continuous improvement for your business.

“Our Agile Digital Marketing approach uses ‘just the right amount’ of each aspect of our Integrated Marketing Agency expertise for the tasks which provide the most value to your business at a particular point in time. We complete those tasks collaboratively, then check the impact, plan what is next and repeat to continuously improve the results.”

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The process starts with a conversation and a workshop to define simply… ‘What are you trying to achieve at this point in time..’.

We will then develop the outline of an integrated digital marketing strategy so that we can prioritise the set of high-value tasks that are required to make the first strides towards your goals.

This plan may well change over time, but it sets the initial direction to enable the overall project to be a success.



The right people from across our team then use a mini project (called a sprint) for between two weeks and two months to make as much progress as possible through the prioritised tasks.

Our team works collaboratively with you using an online system to ensure full transparency in the process. A return on investment (ROI) is not always directly measurable and the value in an integrated campaign often increases exponentially over time.

We keep you fully informed and involved with the marketing process so that we can collaboratively make the key decisions to achieve long term success.



At the end of the sprint we stop, measure what has happened using key points of data and report back to you without jargon or complicated statistics.

The key difference in the way we work is… we then ask the same question again ‘What are you trying to achieve at this point in time..’.  Your goals may have changed, sometimes completely from where you started and the marketing process can not always be data driven.

Our Agile way of working allows us to adapt, re-prioritise and change the plan for the next sprint in full collaboration with you. This vastly reduces the risk of following a longer term marketing strategy that is not fit for purpose.



Our client report outlines the work we have undertaken and the key measurements to show the progress towards your goals.

Most importantly we will recommend and agree the set of priorities and tasks for the next project to continuously improve outcomes for you.

We then repeat the whole process ensuring we are constantly making progress in exactly the right direction.

made’s transparent, collaborative Agile approach has enabled us to be fully involved in our own marketing plans and to adapt the direction as our business needs have changed.

The fact that they can do everything to make it happen has made a huge difference”

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