Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Key marketing visibility

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or ‘being found on Google’ can often be seen as a dark art known to only the sacred few. There is a some truth in this when you are trying to beat strong competition in a saturated market, but keeping to the standards, rules and procedures and integrating SEO with other marketing activity can go a very long way.

We use SEO and organic search as part of the longer term sustainability of your site, in time taking over from the paid advertising methods such as a PPC as your brand builds in reputation.

We always build our websites with SEO as an integral cog, but it does require ongoing maintenance review and optimisation to be fully successful. There is only one space at the ‘top of Google’ after all.

We offer an Agile Digital Marketing Service as part of our Fully Integrated Creative Marketing Agency, where we work directly with our clients to improve the across the entire suite of their marketing. We have experts in all areas who ‘assemble’ as a smaller team to work on a particular problem.

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